How to Set Up a Party and Play Dauntless with Friends

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How to Set Up a Party and Play Dauntless with Friends

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Dauntless is a popular multiplayer game. But, if you want to play Dauntless with your friends, then you need to complete the starting missions. Play and complete the first couple of tasks, and then you’ll get the way to Ramsgate. Once you do this, you can create your character and get a series of new missions that you can play in multiplayer mode. Here is the complete guide to set up a party and play Dauntless with friends.

How to add your friends in Dauntless

You can add friends in Dauntless from the ‘Add Friends’ tab of the Social menu. You’ll find the option to open it at the left side of HUD when you’re in Ramsgate. Use these steps to add your friends in Dauntless.

1. Open the game.

2. Go to the Social menu. You can open the social menu by pressing the corresponding key on HUD.

3. When the Social menu opens, you’ll see three tabs at the top in the menu; the second tab is “Add Friends.”

4. Open the ‘Add Friends’ tab.

5. In the Add Friends tab, you’ll see the list of the recent players as well invites you have received.

6. Use the Search or scroll through the recent player list to find the player you add as friend. If you know the username of the player,s then enter it in the search bar to find them easily.

7. When you find the player, select it. This opens a small menu.

8. Select ‘Add Epic Friend” to send the request.

9. Now, wait for the player to accept your invite.

The player will be added to your friend’s list, after accepting your request. | | |

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